How To Create eBook Covers

How To Create eBook Covers 1.05

Learn how to create a cover, step by step from start to finish
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As you may know, most people judge your product or service by how it looks. If you don’t have professional covers for your ebooks, books, dvd’s or cd products, your sales and conversions will suffer.
Often you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars to get professional graphic cover packages. But you don’t have to.
This is a tutorial that will take you step by step through the process of creating a dazzling, professional looking ebook or software box cover in just a few minutes.
Plus, you don’t have to have any expensive software, you can make it all using freely available software you can download online.
Making a good impression with eBook or software covers for your products or reports are often an important part of the buying decision for your web site visitors, but you don’t need to shell out hundreds to graphic designers. There is an alternative, and you can do it using existing software you can download for free. Learn how to create a cover, step by step from start to finish, in this detailed tutorial. Includes links to download the necessary software plus additional resources if you need to do more.

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